[tag game] I’ve got tagged…*again*

Secara MP sepi banget….. dan gw keabisan ide buat meramaikan nih MP,
So gw bikin aja deh PR dari Hikari…..

The rule says:
-Remove one (1) question from below, and add in your personal question
– make it a total of 20 questions
– tag eight (8) people on your list.
-List them out at the end of this post


1. What’s a phrase you can say perfectly in another language, and what does it mean? (English and your mother tongue do not count!)
2. What color do you like most?
– green, of course
3. What would be the word (1 word) that best describes you??

– cute, funny and interesting *I think 1 word is not enough to describes me* Narsis mode ON

4. Where would you like to go to the most?
– I would say…. JE headquarters, but it’s to shallow, so I’ll go with Anywhere as long as iJun is with me *teteup*

5. what is ur favorite season?

– Musim Duren??? *ga penting*

6. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?
– luntang lantung sendirian di Mall….

7. What is ur most often used phrase?
– Cuape deh

8. What do you love the most about last year (2007)?
– making new friends from MP, and hang around with them

9. What time do you wake up?
– Usually
4.45 a.m for morning pray then sleep again then wake up again 7.00 a.m

10. What kind of sport do you like most?
– Swimming… basically I can’t do sport which is involving ball and team work

11. What is one thing you’ll never get tired of?
– read comic and watch movie

12. What is your ambition?

 - Kissing iJun?? *ngarep bener*  

13. If you have one wish, what would you wish for?
– Have a kid named HAIQA *seriously*

14. If you’d be able to be with only one person whom you think is sensible to talk to, who’d be that person?
– My “current” husband…. *Bukan iJun deh*

15. What’s your worst attitude?
– Short tempered *Jutek tepat nya*

16. If you were to get stuck inside a movie, which movie will it be?
Tokyo tower…. *terutama suru2 part*

17. What do you look forward to in 2008?
– Get another job with BIGGER…………….. internet access *hehehehe*

18. If you were to do one bad thing and get away with it, what would it be?

– become invisible

19. If you were given a chance to get married with one of Hey! Say! JUMP’s members, who would it be? Why?

– No one. They are still under-aged, don’t you know?

20. If you have a chance to go to concert, whose concert will it be & what u wish to do there?

V6 of course… hahahaha… i will say to them, “iJun I love you….” and hang out with him..

Now, I have to tag 8 people…

Ummm…. Well,

  1. Sakura no hibi
  2. Kazuya kiara
  3. Relly Marpaung
  4. Hikkie
  5. Melliszy
  6. Greiz12
  7. Ichigo24
  8. Ping007


16 thoughts on “[tag game] I’ve got tagged…*again*

  1. Beneran niy, kalo mo main pelem ntuh mo main di tokyo tower?apalagi yg pas suru2 partnya?halah…ikutan dunks…..ajak2 ya ntar kalo jadi casting…:P

  2. If you’d be able to be with only one person whom you think is sensible to talk to, who’d be that person? – My “current” husband…. *Bukan iJun deh*ah…kacian IJun-nya diduain…wwkkakakkakka*sebenarnya seh yang kacian tuh current husbandnya….* LOOL

  3. hwakakaak…slameet slameet..kantor dgn biger internet access? jadi dosen gih mba? trus murid2 yg ngasi supply film ijun lgsg dpt nilai A+

  4. Ratih & Unee : gw yakin lu bakalan di tag ama Uchi hehehe…Ratih : Pengennya sih dipeluk2 ama iJun getooo….Willya : yah, begitulah nasib jadi selingkuhan….. ato diselingkuhin?? (kacian 2 cowo itu)Unee : ide bagus, tapi IPK gw ga cukup buat jadi dosen…. ;pSakura : ditunggu…

  5. bo ditag teh artinya apa????gw nda ngerti bahasa perforum/per-blog-an???tp jawaban lu sungguh cerminan elu cinta pisan ama okacchi yaaa…

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