[tag] Handwriting – di tag Wieny lagi

Mumpung MP lagi sepi dan lagi males kerja…
gw kerjain deh tag2 an dari Wieny

Rules na gampang neh…
Cuman sepertinya harus tulis tangan gitu…

Rules :
1. Write your Multiply username
2. Write your two favorite bands/groups at the moment (not overall, just currently)
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop (this isn’t really for anything, just to see how you draw hearts XD)
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time.
5. Write down your recently favored person.
6. Tag people to do the meme.

orang2 yang gw tag lagi…
1. Unee
2. Widwod
3. Erin
4. Lisa
5. Sophie

Udah ya….. Wien….udah gw kerjain PR nya
masih ada PR dari vieny haik….!!


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