Terjemahannya Preskon Hiro-Ayaka

Surfing sana sini dapet ini deh….
Berita aslinya bisa dibaca disini

This couple first met in the filming of famous drama, Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). They recognized their love for each other last spring. Their marriage was held on February 22nd.

Mizushima stated “She is important to me. I was planning to let go of her, but I knew over the years I would have regret this decision.”

Ayaka also stated “When I first saw him I thought he had powerful eyes and he could feel and see what I was thinking. Right now, he is someone I respect from the bottom of my heart.”

After Ayaka debuted in 2006, she immediately was diagnosed with Graves’ Diesease, an autoimmune disease. It can make one lose weight and be disturbed when they’re sleeping. It affects the eyes and the reprodction system as well. Ayaka’s symptoms have increased.

Ayaka plans to continue her music career till the end of the year, and put it on hold after. Mizushima says he will do anything to protect her.


Kayakna ini baru sebagian deh *terjemahannya*
ntra gw cari2 lagi yah…


17 thoughts on “Terjemahannya Preskon Hiro-Ayaka

  1. iya, parah bangeut penyakitnya. spt yg udah g duga pas baca alasan married-nyaterharu g. di zaman gini msh ada love story yg begitu dlm & menyentuh spt mrkhiro bener2 berpikir dlm & lama sbl memutuskan married dgn ayakasoalnya dia tau ngga mdh. mknya terharu bangeut pas dia mutusin utk mo tetap married dgn ayakawishing all the best for them both ^^sankyuu dah sharing, fi.

  2. aiiih kayak di dorama2 ya ceritanya T__Tsemoga ayaka bisa cepet sembuh, sayang banget musisi berbakat kayak dia harus pensiun dini (don’t brake my heart by retiring…i’m one of your fans ayaka chaan~ >__< )

  3. virtualcyber said: alah c Mizushima,,,,ckckckkkcck,,,playboy kadal..hew…

    Sirik aja Lu!!!kemana aja Mas?? lama ga nongol.Tabrak lari melulu neh!!

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