What’s Up, World!!!

This morning, I woke up from a long long long sleep. It’s almost 14 hours!! Geezzzz…
I never slept that long before.
And when I woke up, it’s like ….. ??? I don’t know anything, I don’t know where I am…. Maybe it’s like amnesia LOL.

So, what’s up world??
Is anything change in the past 24 hours??
Is Inocchi have a baby already?

Or maybe Okada married all of the sudden??
Tell me the news guys!!

Well, I won’t miss V6’s 14th anniversary…. though.

Happy anniversary guys…
Thank you for cheering my world these days.
Just keep on crazy and doing something stupid and make me laugh.
I will always support you all the way!!


14 thoughts on “What’s Up, World!!!

  1. Eyyyyymm jadi inget jamannya MC Hammer hahahha astaga V6 dari taun ’96?? Ih tuanya nga masuk sakit gila#195 guwe nih:phedofilia hahahahahaMbak fi ijun perannya stereotype ya? Yg cool2 mulu*kena racun ijun dot com*

  2. toples nya jaman ijun maen DxD ya mba? jaman kamisen masih anak dibawah umur XDtoples buat mamerin badan nyang kerempeng nih keknya hiyehehehehejadi kangen pengen nonton si bodor bussan di cats eye nih…

  3. li9htzan93 : kalo gitu harus liat ijun di cats eyes deh. asli beda bangeut ^^fiyaaaaa!!!! g lgs histeris liat itu piku yg topless!!!!! >_<mana yg di bwhnya itu g belon punya lg. lgs aja g save 😛

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