Don’t ever love me

I should go, I should hurry up and go
Because my affection will turn to tears
I should hurry, so I won’t see you left
A bit faster, I should hurry and leave

Our departing love, it’s crying now
Our overflowing sadness spill out
It’s hard, even just to take one step forward
So I just stand crying with my back on you

Don’t love me, cause good bye will always come
It hurts so much that you can’t even breath
I thought that it’d only hurt as much as I love
That would be OK then I could forget it.
But no, it hurts a hundred times more

I’m afraid of living with my eyes open
Because if I’m searching, I won’t be able to see you
It seems better to close my eyes
After longing for you

Don’t love me, It’s hurt so much that you feel like dying
Tears fall each and everyday
I thought it would be easy when a new love come
I thought I could forget everything, that’s what they said
But no, my love can’t be that way for me

credit : FT Island – Sarang Hajimayou


17 thoughts on “Don’t ever love me

  1. Gw bilang ama Hongki, don’t ever love me…Ibarat hotel, udah fully booked gw.JGS baru aja masuk, Mang ijun masih di dalem….. Aa sudah jadi residen disini…Susah nyariin tempat buat Hongki

  2. astridchocolate said: Mang Ijun bakal nyesel seumur idup …ga milih mbak Fi

    Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, *nangis kenceng banget*Gw terharu aciiiid…. lu bisa liad kan betapa cocokna gw ama Mang ijun…. huhuhuhuhuhu

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