Happiness – by Okada Junichi

In this 2 years, my basis of happiness changed. Happiness to me now… is probably being able to create “good” places.

I think when a “place” is created, nature and various people will start to gather.

Thinking about what I can do to create a fun atmosphere for the people around me and without doing the impossible how I can enjoy myself too. This kind of “place” creation is something that I’ve learnt to do recently…

In the end, the basis of happiness is not something that you can hold yourself, I feel that one’s roots will not sway even though things happens in life. Thus more then just giving well wishing to the people who are happy around me, I would want to head towards the direction that I think I will attain happiness.

And while living so, I want to become a person whose basis of choosing what is important to me. And while doing so, no matter what kind of situation I meet, no matter what happens, I have the confidence of living on. And this “strenght” to me, in this period where changes are fast and furious, is a very important thing.

Cuplikan wawancara Mang Ijun di majalah Grazia edisi October 2010 – Translate by Ra1nee
Lengkap banget seluruh artikelnya ditranslate
Gw kadang2 pusing ama dalem nya pemikiran mang ijun…
But, I got the point. And sometimes I feel the same way too…
*emang gw soulmate-nya dia*

Yang penting adalah bagaimana kita menikmati apapun yang kita kerjakan, karena dengan demikian kita akan menciptakan “tempat” yang nyaman bagi siapapun untuk berada disekitar kita.

Good point!!

“I want to be able to act like an idiot in front of ladies no matter how old I am”.

Well, I always love your silly behavior no matter how odd it is….
Sayangnya, elu belon ketemu gw yah!!


9 thoughts on “Happiness – by Okada Junichi

  1. mang ijun memang luar biasa..pendiem, pas ngomong sering buat kita terkaget2dan makin melelh dlm pesonanya :)hi2 bagus deh kalo elu jd makin tau, fijd semacem tes kecocokan pasangan nich 😛

  2. ajegile ijuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun…cuma happiness segini dalemnyee gimana kalo ditanya soal life love and relationship ya??erm..teh..bagus dia nga ketemu elo..bisa2 kelar kalo ngobrol, bewraaaaaaaaatt

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